USA eCart is USA ePay's own basic secure shopping
cart solution. The eCart allows merchants to create their own website with products and sell those products safely and securely by just adding a simple "Buy Now" button.


Existing USA eCart Members...



Exisiting USA eCart merchants can use the above login to access their USA eCart. Please remember that the USA eCart login is not the same as your USA ePay Merchant Console login. You should have received a seperate welcome letter via email which contains your login for USA eCart. If you did not please contact your sales representative.

See the USA eCart in action on our Demo Online Store. The Demo store allows you to add products with different attributes, select from different shipping methods and checkout securely. All processing is done through a demo account »


Keep Your Own Design...
The USA eCart allows the merchant to keep their own website design. The USA eCart does not design the website but instead is added to an existing website by simply adding a "buy now" link that goes directly to a secure server. The USA eCart then allows the merchant to customize the cart with backgrounds, images, colors and more to make the cart look like their own site. The cart, even though basic, carries this customize feature as well as an array of other features that suite the needs of a basic eCommerce site. For a full list of features please Read More »
USA eCart Or...

USA ePay’ understands that every merchant's needs is different. This is why we also understand that the USA eCart will not suite the needs of all your merchant. We are please to offer other USA ePay gateway supported shopping carts which have taken the time to support and integrate into the gateway. Read More »

Do you have your own shopping cart system or using one that doesn't have USA ePay built into it? It's easy to add the USA ePay gateway into any cart with our extensive developer's library. Full scripting example let you or your developer's easily add us as a payment method. Read More »

Our Other Payment Acceptance Solutions

Is your merchant in the need of a simple payment acceptance page? Donation or bill payment page? Even merchants which only sell one or two items can use the ePayment Form. Fully customizable to do such things as split payment, recurring customer payment "sign-up" and multiple calculations. Read More »

If your merchant is running their online business on eBay then eAuction Pay may be the right solution for them. The solution allows them to invoice their eBay customers automatically through their own USA ePay gateway account No more Paypal fees. Read More »

These are just a couple of the many solutions that USA ePay has to offer. We invite you to view all of our secure and reliable solutions by simply clicking here.

Support and Documentation...

The USA eCart is full documented with an image-filled knowledge base for merchants. Merchants and their webmasters / developers can easily access the USA eCart Knowledge Base by simply clicking here.

Did you know that the USA eCart is hosted on USa ePay's secure servers which go through PCI compliance? All the credit card is taken and processed through these servers making the entire procedure PCI compliant. Read more about our security.

Are you or your web development team having probems with the cart? Need more assistance in customizing or just adding the buttons onto your site? Our friendly support team is ready to help. Feel free to contact us.


Sales Contact and Information
If you are interested in the USA eCart program for your merchants, please contact the sales dept. of USA ePay at (866) 490-0042 or email or contact your USA ePay sales representative.


eCart Demo Store
Try the Demo Cart
and see how the cart would work on your website  »

vTerminal Flash Demo
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the flash demo of the Merchant Console vTerminal »

Guides & Manuals
Help and Documentation
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